Isac Elliot App 2.0

Project Info:

This app followed the first version of the Isac Elliot App, which was hailed as 'the future of pop industry' (Jarkko Jokelainen, Helsingin Sanomat). Both were gamified platforms for Isac's fans with Augmented Reality and other modern solutions making things interesting.

The second app included pretty much everything the first had: kissing game, other minigames, augmented reality camera with 'cardboard cut-outs' of Isac, exclusive content hidden in CD covers...

The 2.0 version took things even further, with the introduction of the Ellioteer chat, a fully monetized task-based game system, collectible cards, Ellioteer Quiz, and more. Our retention levels have always shown that our approach to gamify fandom with monetization works. This is because the app offers added value to the fans and enables their fan community.

  • Created by: RealityXpander
  • Completed on: 2016
  • Platforms:iOS and Android
  • Client: Sony Music Finland