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Gamification – the use of game-like design in non-gaming situations – has become a buzzword, but for a reason. Games make experiences more fun and are devised to tap into natural, human motivations.

Gamification solutions are used in many fields from learning to human resources management. Webstores are gamified to drive sales. You can get data and metrics from the use, which means that it can be used to drive further decisions on the platform.

Making an experience – let's say, an app, campaign or a tool used at work – gamified, means making it more engaging, something people want to return to again and again.

Games make use of human emotions, such as curiosity, ownership, competitiveness, mastery and playfulness. Gamification can be used to increase engagement, conversion and identification with your brand.

It is also possible to take a step further. Marketing can be made into community. Customers can be made companions and brand-missionaries. This is possible if social media integration, competition and cooperative 'quests' are added into the gamified app.

We have a solid track-record in interactive, gamified marketing campaigns and fan application development. Through our work in the gaming industry we understand the game logic, and are available to make it work to your benefit. To create a game that works for you, contact us.

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