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People always have a graving for something novel. That is why, an app or campaign today needs something more. Technologies such as augmented reality and VR can help your brand deliver the much needed 'WOW' reaction.

RealityXpander has created apps and campaigns for highly visible brands. In our toolbox, there are many solutions which can elevate your app ideas. Whether your campaign is planned to be short-term or ongoing, we can help make it a reality.

We follow a user-centered design principle, which means that we take into account the needs and motivations of the end-user. We can create easy to use apps with games, social media integration and other special functionality for iOS, Android or as a separate webpage.

Our experience and the mix of tools available mean that we can deliver custom-made mobile applications and interactive marketing material quickly and with a low-cost. Your company's readily available visuals and content can be used in the app.

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