Augmented reality and VR

Augmented reality means that interactive content can be embedded into everyday devices and materials. For example, a marketing flyer doesn't need to be just paper anymore. Seen through a smartphone's camera, the print can come to life: opening 3D or 2D video, websites, and much more.

AR can be used to offer exclusive content with merchandise. It can also be used to include informative videos into stands at business fairs or sales locations. These are just a taste of the possibilities.

Virtual reality works with the same kind of technology but offers an even more immersive experience. While AR adds a new layer atop our reality, VR allows the user to be visit a completely another one.

We had experience already of the earlier iterations of augmented and virtual reality. Now the technology has matured and RealityXpander finds itself in a situation where the possibilities of AR and VR are still under-utilised by companies.

We know how to work with these technologies. Together we could achieve something fascinating. Contact us to discuss what kind of augmented reality or virtual reality services we could provide for you.

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