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A advanced technology and interactive media studio creating stunning & engaging experiences

We are a unique digital studio with the ability to deliver fresh and engaging products or campaigns for your needs. If you need: Wow effect. Gamification experience. Advanced programming experience. Games or prototyping. A modern web page or a new custom app that needs to retain its users. We are the right people for the job.

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Jani Järvinen

20 years of experience, CEO, idea generator and coding wizard, from Unity games to neural networks

Jarkko Järvinen

head of design
15 years of experience, seasoned design veteran from AAA games to mobile and web graphics

Jani Karppanen

head of projects
15 years of experience, multi-talented manager, musician with wide range of production skills

Pasi Pietikäinen

head of sales
20 years of experience, spreading the word and being there for our customers

We create digital projects that are fresh and shine creativity in every aspect. We try to create a benchmark in everything we do. Take a moment to browse through some of our selected works.

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We enjoy working with Games & Gamification and we love to innovate new ways to engage users. We can also create many other interesting experiences for your needs. We work with latest tools like Unity, and have experience from the mobile space to big AAA console game projects. We have also created many real-time 3D projects, 2D illustrations and UI designs. Browse through the wide range of services we provide.

Custom apps and campaigns

Games and gamification

Web pages and campaigns

Rapid prototyping and concepting

Consulting on tech or design

Augmented reality and VR

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RealityXpander got an innovative and fresh way of thinking digital media solutions, highly recommended.

Jarkko Vepsäläinen Sitrus Agency

Pleasure to work with, delivering new ideas and engaging current userbase.

Saara Pekkonen Sony Music Entertainment

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